Pray Always: Let’s Make Our Lives Full of Prayer

Where Do I Begin My Prayer?

How can our prayers reflect the awe, wonder, majesty, glory, privilege, honor, and delight we have in meeting our Master and Friend in prayer? Using the “Our Father” prayer as our model, the prayer honors God’s fatherhood which is a common and relatable term. Some other “titles” to begin are; Merciful Father, Heavenly Father, Lord, or Holy Spirit. These titles can sound a bit formal but they reflect the awe we must never lose when talking with the one who formed us in His own image and likeness and sent us His son, as a human, as a baby, to save us. No matter how you address God in your prayer, just begin and then share what’s on your mind and heart. It doesn’t matter if you address God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit. The love and unity within the Trinity is endless, which means when you talk to one, you are really talking to the entire Trinity!

Tips To Create Your Own Prayer?

Use language that is meaningful to you Words like “awareness” and “strength” are important when trying to act healthier, so make sure to include both in your prayers. Start with a prayer you know!

Make your intentions clear You don’t want to send yourself mixed signals. Make sure you know exactly what you are aiming to achieve when you write your prayer. God will do the rest.

Be focused when you recite your prayer Don’t just rush through your prayer. Minimize distractions and recite it with a clear and focused mind. Make sure the message is fully absorbed.

Make it a long prayer or repeat certain lines Prayer can be short, but you can repeat it 3-5 times to amplify the effect. This helps to convey an even clearer message about what you are praying for.

Repeat it on a frequent basis Optimally, once or twice a day is best. But even just a weekly reminder can help rejuvenate your motivation to keep Jesus Christ in your life!

Light candles or create a shrine Using candles or creating a special “shrine” for your prayer will help intensify the effects. Prayer cards, statues, and meaningful icons amplify the environment you pray in and can have a huge influence on your prayer life.

Read Scripture! And share ideas with one another!

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